The Band

LITO – Bass, Vocals
Lito or you may also call him “Manny” is the band leader, he plays bass, sings, composes and arranges. He has more than 30 years of music experience under his belt. He began playing bass and lead guitar at an early age and zeroed in on the bass at age 14. He moved to the San Francisco Bay area immediately after graduating college in Manila and has played out at clubs and private parties. He has been playing with various bands for over 30 years. His love for music lead him to arrange his own style, he sees his work as a cross between funk and pop. Lito is a natural software guy who understands the importance of working just as hard on his musical flair as he does on his job and for him it always comes naturally. He is very laid back and puts out all his time when it comes to getting things done and will always go that extra mile to help.
MAY – Lead Vocals
May always has a passion for music even at an early age which she displayed her love for singing at age 3. She grew up singing in school choirs as the soloist and also won several singing contests. Her distinctive style is a powerful delivery to all her materials. May’s musical influences include Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston and Lady Gaga. May shows great passion towards singing and music…bio by: Lito.
DEAN – Keys, Sax, Trumpet
Bio Coming Soon!
VLAD – Drums
Bio Coming Soon!
Evan – Guitar
In his younger years, Evan realized his love for music and took up the guitar at the age of 12. He made the guitar his main focus and from there on he never passed up an opportunity to perform. Evan enjoys all kinds of music but his particular interest in Blues, Jazz and Classical greatly influence his playing style.